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Labradorite and Wealth

Labradorite attracts luck, which is why it’s also called the Good Luck Stone. If you’re wishing for more abundance, good fortune, and success in your life, this is a stone that you should never be without!

Labradorite can protect you from making bad decisions that may lose you money. It will foster better connections with people, both in the professional and business setting.

The stone’s energy will warn you about people who are not to be trusted and projects that should be shelved.

It’s a good stone to have with you to protect you against misfortune. The protective shield that the labradorite crystal can provide will make the impact on you, on your loved ones, and on your life less devastating. Furthermore, it will help you recover and get back on your feet very quickly and in the most positive way possible.

Labradorite is also a stone of magic that can awaken your magical, mystical, or psychic abilities. You will possess a ‘psychic’ knowing that will make you more confident about taking action, expressing what you feel, and following your inspiration!

If you are very busy day in and day out, whether at work or at home, labradorite can stimulate your imagination and relax your overactive mind. It’s the perfect stone to have on you when you want to both be energized and soothed!

Labradorite and Health

There are many benefits to be had with the labradorite crystal. More than its prettiness and elegance factors, this crystal is also known for its strong healing properties.

For starters, labradorite can help relieve stress and anxiety. That’s because the energy that you get from this crystal can cleanse your body of toxins.

This stone may look just like a very pretty stone, but it can also strengthen your willpower and spiritual focus.

Its energies can give you a sense of purposefulness, and it will help you develop new ideas or find joy and enthusiasm in what you are doing.